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A Short Update - 9/07/2019

Greetings and joyous salutations from the stranger currently pretending to be worth your time.

On this very oblivious Tuesday evening, I am desperately trying to jig an ounce of creativity within written form, due to the fact that my last blog post was posted almost two years ago. With aspirations of my thoughts being one day taken seriously, or at least, made possible for monetary gain, I thought I should take my laziness and (as Alan Johnson would say) put a lid, on the squid. That didn't make sense to me either.

Before we get on with the riveting content that I'm sure you're dying to read, I would just like to clear up some confusion that a reader is yet to point out. 'J. M. Robinson' and 'John York' are both (you guessed it) me. 'John York' being used for my Audiobook Narration, and J. M... being used for my writing. Perhaps I shall save my day-to-day name for my inevitable rap career when the economic crash hits and I become irrelevant. With that chapter of the Da Vinci Code solved, let's move on to what has been happening in my life.

Over the past several months, I have been very lucky indeed, to have been narrating the 'Cloverleah' book series by the extremely talented author, Lisa Oliver. With other narration projects by the equally talented Susan Griscom, and a splattering of classical literature making their appearance, Earthwalker studios has been about as busy as Hugh Hefner's widower's Instagram dm's. Simplified, we've been able to afford the months electricity, for which I am eternally thankful. On a side note, I am able to send out copies of the audiobooks we produce for review purposes, so if you are interested in getting into the business of crushing artist's hopes and dreams, then please let me know, and I'd be happy to send over an Audible code. All jokes aside, I can't express how grateful I am to the wonderful authors and publishers that we narrate/produce for, and I can't recommend their books enough.

Parallel to narration work, I have been busy writing up a number of projects I have been working on, as well as trying to finish them. Which has proven to be about as difficult as making your way through 'Wayne's World' sober.

I have a narrative poem for YA currently going through an edit with Austin Mccauley publishing, which I shall shout from the rooftops any more information as I am informed. With links to where you can pre-order, purchase or steal the book, as long as you read it once the theft has taken place.

I have also a collection of poetry for adults, (or anybody who likes a middle-class man in his early twenties, unironically moan about injustice) that is going through the rough second draft as we speak. Perhaps integrity will get the better of me and I shall delete the whole thing, but I strongly doubt it.

I am hoping to get back into this style of blogging, reporting on topics that I find interesting or lethargic to complain about, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I write a lot in the pub, and that second pint that makes me forget about all my insecurities is just a little too tempting.

I hope you feel more self-worth than I do,

J. M.

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