JOHN YORK (In-house Narrator at EW STUDIOS)

Youthful, Articulate and Versatile.


With Television Presenting experience, a background in both drama and musical theatre, and over 120 Audiobook Narration projects completed, I can bring a youthful and versatile flavour to any vocal project. I am enthusiastically open to all genres and types of VO work but have found a demand for my skill set mostly in audiobooks. I also have the pleasure of hosting the paranormal, comedy podcast 'Probed?'. Where I perform alongside Earthwalker editor Louisa Calverley and production assistant, Scott Wilson. 

I have also worked in the camera department on ITV’s Coronation Street, before aiming my sights for the audio booth. I am originally from Yorkshire but naturally, now hold a general southern British accent.  I am a big supporter of Emotional Intelligence, try to practice Yoga and keep to a PlantBased Diet. I sometimes fail and eat biscuits.






EARTHWALKER STUDIOS is a creative entertainment studio specialising in Audiobooks and Children's Television material. Equipped with the best, professional audio equipment and talented industry engineers, we make sure that any project we are involved in is performing at the best quality possible.

In the production of Audiobooks, we supply everything you need to get your story from the page to the ear. A team consisting of producers, proofers, narrators and an in-house editor will be at your disposal. Working intimately with you every step of the way, to allow your vision to be a thriving possibility.