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Recording from a tiny hamlet in rural East Yorkshire, John York has narrated and produced over three hundred titles over the last seven years.


After a career in television, John fell head-over-heels for audio production. Specifically... the production of audiobooks.

From within his vocal booth, he has sailed the seven seas in search of Neverland, traversed route 66 accompanied by members of a dangerous biker gang, captured the heart of a fair maiden with a desire for vampire companionship, and so much more.

He has a deep desire for storytelling and exploring narratives that capture the hearts and souls of listeners. As well as providing free interviews with the very best of the industry as part of The Audiobook Club podcast.

John enjoys traveling, exploring unique cuisines, and reading (surprisingly enough).


He also enjoys writing in the third person.



My readers and I recently had the pleasure of John York’s brilliant narration of my novel NEVER NEVER: The Tale of Captain Hook.


John truly brought my story, world, and characters to life, adding his own magic to the mix in a way that I will be forever grateful.


He captured the spirit of James and the other characters so wonderfully it made me and my readers feel he was truly invested in their journey.


If I could have John narrate all my audiobooks I’d be a happy author indeed. 

Serena Valentino

I was lucky to find John York when looking for a unique voice to narrate my vampire series.


He is easy to work with, and I love the sound of his voice. He is exceptionally talented and can perform any accent, making them all sound natural. I am very pleased with all the projects he has worked on for me.


John is my go-to narrator, and I can’t think of anyone else who can do a job as well as he can.

Susan Griscom

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