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The New Generation of Drones

When I think back to my school days, I think back to a 80/20 unhappy vs enjoyment ratio. Although there were many problems that make up that ratio which I'm gonna leave for another blog or save for my next therapy session, I would say that a big chunk of that 80% unhappiness was the actual school life schedule I had to endure. I'm talking about my lessons. Maths, English, Science, Religious studios, Languages, History, the list goes on. Endless hours of grim studies pushed on our brains under the strict guidance of a syllabus crafted from what conservative big wig minds believe is best for us to take out in to the wild world in order to become the best members of society thats possible. Now let me get it out there early, I understand completely and agree that children need to understand the basics of all the pre mentioned subjects. In order to survive in todays modern world. You need to be able to appreciate different cultures, be able to read, write and type. Not to mention the basics of addition, subtraction and division, or at least how to use the calculator on your phone. It is almost an absolute that one job position that you will hold in your life will require English, IT and Maths. (I'm still not 100% on where Pythagoras Theorem comes in to anything, but there is still time yet to be acquainted). So now that has been said, I want to talk about where I think a problem lies within modern schooling. Or the school syllabus in general. I haven't mentioned my favourite school subjects in this post yet. And thats where this all starts. Music and Drama have always been the only real point in my school life that ever kept me going with any hope. Drama was a chance to let my imagination free without being judged. A chance to become someone else, maybe impersonate a person I knew existed, or think up the strangest, bizarre creature and let it inhabit my body. It sounds more depressing than it actually is, but I really enjoyed being able to pretend to be something other than myself. It was, the most simply I can put it. Fun. And the fact that I was graded on my performances and how big my imagination could become, really seemed like a cheat code. Surly that wasn't a real lesson? Well a lot of people would disagree that it is. Why? A mixture of flatness and being brainwashed my society. Let me explain. In year 10, the idea that we were all going to one day have to be pushed out on to the streets and become working citizens started appearing. As most of the students were, I began searching through my lists of hobbies and school lessons, looking desperately for the career path that seemed interesting and finically stable. I always knew I'd wanted to go in to the media area. More specifically TV and Broadcast. But when I was ushered in to a Career's advice meeting at my secondary school, aged 15. I was burst like an overinflated ballon when the professional lady didn't share my enthusiasm that I would become the next Mathew Vaughn. And instead of looking in this area of work, I should do some more research and soul searching in to a path that is more 'realistic'. Since School, I have met dozens of like minded individuals who have had the same experiences with career advice as me. But why is the system like this? Why does everyone from a working class secondary school have to face up with reality and become Bricklayers, plumbers, roofers, farmers, window cleaners, electricians? I'm in no way dishonouring these professions, but when you state to a teacher or careers advisor in this day and age that you'd like to have a career, and not mean one of these paths, you're probably a bit of a day dream. The reason for this, I think falls down to society. Especially in my local area, which is made up of a high majority of working class families. That you need to leave the creative and "unrealistic" jobs to the higher, and we take part in the supporting roles that make their life easier. There is an element to social division to all of this. That the higher class schools and colleges take care of the extra ordinary roles. Now apparently, the human brain can be split in to 2 parts. The right side of the brain is where all of the learning happens. The side that is best at listening to its elders and teachers, understanding the knowledge, and repeating it back in its own particular way. This is extremely important to evolution as a new born baby needs to understand as soon as possible that if it touches the fire it will get hurt, if it eats a raw piece of meat it could die and the rest of the safety briefings we get as we grow up. The left side of the brain is where creativity kicks in. Where you create and imagine, build new ideas and be different to everyone else. The left side is where your soul takes life and makes you unique and interesting. As we all know everyone is different, and everyone has a different ratio between their left and right. We all know someone who at school, was brilliant at every academic subject. An extremely smart person who probably will go on to become a lawyer or something. Well that individual probably had stronger right side. Their brain specialised in learning, understand and posting back. But likewise, we knew someone who might not have been the best at Maths or Science, but was a good musician, or fantastic at art. That person had a strong creative side to them. So why is it that those people always seem to suffer when it comes down to encouragement of careers? Especially from the school side of things? Is it because a writer is more uncommon than a roofer? We know these writers, artists, dancers etc exist, so why does society repress the new generation? There is a theory that the government have it this way in order to dumb down the majority of society, taking away their creativeness in order to be better at following orders and letting the higher levels of the world get away with what they want to. Taking away creative subjects from schools and colleges, not teaching free thought, and how to take those ideas further. Not being able to achieve your individual best. I'm not turning this in to a conspiracy blog but you have to think why all of these lessons such as Drama and musical theatre are being taken away and replaced by more Right Brain activities. This is a problem in today's society. At least in my opinion. There needs to be more opportunities for children in working class areas. And more respect for the arts and other creative subjects. We should be embracing new ideas, constantly. Respecting everyones opinion, now more than ever. Only this way are we allowed to grow in the most productive way. As members of society but also as humans. To dumb this all down in to a sentence. If you want to do something unique as a career, then just go for it. Along as you try hard, and I mean really try hard. You'll get it.

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